Meinhard St. John, an accomplished actor, model, can credit his rich, diverse background and quest for adventure for his multifaceted career. Meinhard was born on the Faroe Islands and spent part of childhood living in Greenland. When he grew up, he moved to Denmark and initially pursued a more traditional career path. His work required nonstop International travel, which required him to learn multiple languages. Having lived in Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and the United States, he perfected his skills in German, Swedish and English, bringing his linguistic talent to a total of six fluent languages.

Being a traveler and polyglot opened Meinhard up to new possibilities, and he leaped out on faith to pursue a career in the arts. In 2009, Meinhard started lessons and seminars with esteemed performing arts coaches such as Ivana Chubbuck, Nancy Bishop, Kenneth Carmohn and Ditte Maria Le-Fevre. He is also a graduate of the renowned National Film Actors Academy of Denmark.

His formal training, natural talent and life as a world citizen has given Meinhard a wealth of experience that he can bring to any role, making him a sought-after choice by filmmakers, producers, and writers. Since starting his career, he has secured noteworthy in lead roles in many Danish films such as LT, To Liv, Redemption, Mørkefald, Nemesis, MPG Missionen, and the international production of Goodbye First Love (Un Amour De Jeunesse). He has also secured commercial work with Volvo, A.P. Møller Mærsk, Novo Nordisk, Slow Cow, Jabra and BankNordik. In his tradition, Meinhard knew once again that it was time to step out of his comfort zone and grow even further. He knew that meant it was time to relocated to America. Once again, his leap of faith paid off: after moving to the United States in 2013, Meinhard quickly was able to get work on many films, including Out of Place, Coyote Creek and The Someone, just to name a few. He recently was featured in the movie Veracruz by Joel Souza and just wrapped up another project, this time as a lead actor, shot in China. Meinhard also landed a role in the heavily-anticipated film Jessica Frost, with filming beginning this summer.

Meinhard currently lives in California with his family. While always a solid professional, Meinhard is known for his humor and easygoing approach to life and career, making him well liked and respected by his colleagues. In his spare time Meinhard pursues snowboarding, singing, scuba diving, and of course, traveling.